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    Martha Goodrich (Friday, 05 April 2024 00:29)

    Thinking of you and delighted to find you on YouTube!
    I never tire of your incredible talent.

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    Robert Edwards (Tuesday, 07 November 2023 22:15)

    I just listened to your wonderful recording of the Mozart c minor fantasy and
    thought to myself “ah, that is the way it should be”. I am just checking in to
    see how you are and to remind myself of your eloquent artistry. I really think
    your Mozart is definitive. I recall your visit to Manhattan and wish we could
    see you again. Jennifer and I are building a home in Monroe, Washington and. to hope move their next September. Of my OU colleagues I am most proud of
    you and Dick Benedum. Best wishes. Bob Edwards

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    Pat Foster Ancock (Thursday, 19 October 2023 06:31)

    Just reaching out. Watching an amazing performance from Vienna and thinking about how incredibly smart you were to embrace that amazing culture.

    Will forever love your parents for their amazing love of music. As well as you and Allen and your families. You have all given the world your amazing gifts. Such a great accomplishment.

    Best Always,
    Pat Foster Ancock I

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    Dr. Josefine Gobl-Kralovics (Friday, 14 April 2023 17:15)

    Dear Jane and Richard!
    Wir haben eine kurze Info per e-mail über ein Konzert am 22.4.2023 erhalten. Leider hat mein Mann diese Mitteilung irrtümlich gelöscht, und jetzt wissen wir nicht wann und wo dieses Konzert stattfindet. Es würde uns sehr freuen, wenn sie uns das noch einmal mitteilen könnten, weil wir ja große Fans sind und es so schade wäre, das Konzert zu versäumen. Vielen lieben Dank Fam. Gobl Wien

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    MarthaJeanne (Thursday, 06 April 2023 19:05)

    Dear Jane and Richard
    Many thanks. I look forward to listening to these. I am quite happy to pay for them, or I can offer you a pair of handwoven scarves. The ones I have finished are houndstooth mostly green and white, but I can do something else if you prefer. marthajeanne at Let me know what you would like and how to get it to you. MJ

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    Ron Mansfield (Saturday, 14 March 2020 17:30)

    Thoroughly enjoyed both of your superb Wanhal CD recordings. Outstanding recordings of a most excellent composer. I hope more of your Wanhal recordings will be released in the future.

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    thomas Rath (Wednesday, 28 February 2018 13:35)

    Sehr geehrter Herr Fuller,
    habe gerade von Ihrer Vanhal Veranstaltung 2013 erfahren und sofort Ihre beiden CD s bestellt. Beschäftige mich als Pianist gerade mit diesem interessanten Komponisten und würde gerne ein Vanhal Programm machen.
    Könnte ich mit Ihnen über Vanhal korrespondieren und könnten Sie mir vielleicht einen Tip geben wie ich an Noten ( zB. op. 29 ) kommen kann ?
    Bin sehr gespannt auf Ihre Antwort und bedanke mich im Voraus für Ihre Mühe.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
    Thomas Rath

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    Cara Mengatasi Lemah Syahwat (Friday, 08 December 2017 13:18)

    thank you very much for the information, very useful for us. always success

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    Rosanne R Madden (Wednesday, 19 April 2017 18:44)

    The website is phenomenal and exceptionally mastered as is your music. Well done. And, thank you.


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